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Olivier Denoo


who's afraid of the big bad AI


BIO: Olivier is the Vice President of ps_testware SAS, the French subsidiary of ps_testware group. His role is to develop business, recruit the local expert team, build sustainable partnerships, and promote software testing. He is also involved in auditing test projects and organizations and provides high-level consultancy and support.

Olivier is the President of the CFTL - the French ISTQB Board and also currently is the President of the ISTQB.

For more than 20 years he is an international speaker who spoke at Test-IT Africa; SQA-days; BA-days; JFIE; TestWarez; ReQuest, SEETEST; STF; Iqnite; JFTL; JMTL; JTTL; Analyst-days; Quality Week; Eurostar; Dasia?

He's also actively participating in the development of new certification schemes, like IQBBA (Business Analysis), IREB (requirements engineering), IBUQ (usability) or more recently the "7 skills for effective teams" (soft skills and team organization).

He is author or co-author of many articles or books about testing and software quality.


In our fast changing world, where tester's role become fuzzier than ever at the light of Agile approaches, one may ask if the emergence of artificial intelligence gradually leaping into ICT activities may no be the end of the profession.

AI is fun and powerful, but behind the Hollywood fantasies, it is not fail proof neither it is omiscient or omnipotent. Failures in AI may (and actually already did) hurt humanity badly if we do not pay attention.

The data it feeds from are prone and likely to be biased, so as our models or hypotheses.

AI is faster and better when it comes to deal with big data, humans are smarter when it comes to conceptualize, modelize or deal with ambiguity. Better than blindly relying on algorithms, the tester must awaken and reinvent his profession to better complement AI and embrace progress. There's room for both of us in this brave new world.