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Karolina Zmitrowicz


Three pillars of quality



Experienced requirements engineer and quality manager, actively acting to promote quality in IT.

Karolina has international experience in financial sector – she used to work for leading financial organizations in South Africa, Netherlands, Austria, Slovakia, Italy and Poland.

Between 2011 and 2013 she was an active member of REQB® Board. Today, she continues work on requirements engineering standardization supporting IREB®. She is one of the main authors of IQBBA® (former IBAQB) certification scheme for business analysts.

She is an active member of several organizations acting to increase knowledge and maturity of requirements engineering and QA community. She was involved in establishing first IREB® Local Community.

Karolina currently works as freelance IT consultant and trainer in requirements engineering, business analysis and quality management fields helping the customers to optimize their operations and development processes to achieve better business value.

From March 2018 she is the president of Polish Testing Board and a member of the board of IREB®.

She is a leader of Polish IREB Local Community and Polish TMMI Local Chapter.


IT business is still growing. New technologies and opportunities appear, new business problems to be solved with system solutions and services are arising. New concepts are playing more and more important role – AI, IoT, DevOps, VR... Business and people needs new solutions – reliable, effective and characterized by good quality. We – IT professionals and our customers – need to be sure about the quality of products and services we provide to the market.

How to do it? Simplest solutions we all know are testing, more testing and testing on production. What else? Proven business concept? Good analysis and design? Organizational maturity?

There are various options, some of them require great organizational changes, costs and efforts, and some can be introduced almost immediately, without special means.

In any case, the first step you need to do is to stop for a second and think about what you do, why you do it and what results you need in order to meet your goals.

The first step to improve is to get awareness of the fact you can – and should – improve your organization and your personal competencies.