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Wonil KWON

演讲主题:The Core of Software Testing International Standard, ISOIECIEEE 29119, and Recent Updates on Test Design Techniques


Mr. Wonil Kwon is the CEO of STA Consulting Inc., one of the leading software testing consulting & training companies in Korea. As the founder and representative, Wonil is actively involved in STEN (Software Test Engineers Network, http:// www.STEN.or.kr), which is currently the biggest software testing community with more than 20,000 members across the country.Mr. Wonil Kwon is the Korean Representative and a Primary Editor of both ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 (Software and Systems Engineering: Software Testing) and ISO/IEC 33063 (Process Assessment for Software Testing). Also as the founder of KSTQB (Korea Software Testing Qualifications Board), he introduced ISTQB certification scheme into Korea.He is renowned for his enthusiasm, expertise and innovative approach to his work, especially in test consulting and training. Companies and organizations for which he has served include Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Hyundai Mobis, Prudential Life Insurance, etc. Recently, his strong focus has been on AI testing and crowd testing.

He has presented in various international software testing conferences and seminars (such as ICS Test in Europe, Agile Testing Conference in Europe, TSTC Conference in China, Softech Conference in Malaysia, etc.). As an author, he has been producing books on software testing including "Practical Software Testing Foundation 3rd edition", “Risk-based Testing Strategy”, "Learn Software Testing Through Questions", "Software Testing Terminology", "Testing Embedded Software (Translated)", “How we test software at Microsoft (Translated)”, and “The Art of Software Testing (Translated)”.


With the publication of the international (ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119) standards, software testing has moved into a new era of professionalism.  This presentation provides test professionals with a broad understanding of the scope, requirements and guidelines provided by these testing standards. It covers those topics which are essential knowledge for a test professional using the ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 software testing standards.

It also talks on the major and recent changes on test design techniques in depth by introducing the concept of test model. This presentation is aimed at people in roles such as test managers, test leads, test analysts, test engineers and test consultants.