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Xiaohong Xiong



CSTQB® Senior Expert, CSTQB® representative in ISTQB® MWG, CSTQB® MWG Leader, CTO of IMBUS Shanghai.

 She has many years developing and testing experience in wireless communication industry. During the work for certain top 500 multinational enterprises, she was responsible for setup test organization and the ISO/IEC 17025 accredited test laboratory which covers software test, hardware test, R & D test as well as certification test. She has successfully managed the team to extend the test capabilities, to create and implement the total quality management system that perfected the certification laboratory. She is well experienced in test management and multi international project management. In the area of how to setup goals and strategy in the test organization, how to deploy and implement that, how to build up team spirit, satisfy customer and stakeholders, how to encourage innovation and change, form the core competitiveness, drive for excellence and finally realize the business goal of the enterprise, she could share her unique experience and give a lot of suggestion.

 At present, she is focused on training and promotion of ISTQB® to advancing testers and test organizations in China.