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Yong Xia

夏勇博士,HSBC 中国区首席架构师。原IBM 全球技术研究院院士(Member of IBM Academy of Technology)及思想领袖级顾问。夏勇博士还在学术界担任国际需求工程委员会理事 ( www.ireb.org ) (全球共五位理事中,唯一的华人理事 ),复旦大学客座教授,上海交通大学企业博士生导师。

Yong Xia is

•  HSBC China Chief Architect;

•  One of worldwide five Council Members of International Requirements Engineering Board (www.ireb.org);

•  Visiting Professor in Fudan University;

•  Enterprise PhD Supervisor in Shanghai Jiao Tong University;

•  Member of FinTech 100 (a global FinTech think tank)

Before joining HSBC, he was a Member of IBM Academy of Technology, IBM GBS Consultant CoE Leader and IBM GBS Blockchain CoE Leader.