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Liang Ren

TMMi基金会中国分会秘书长,中国软件测试认证委员会专家,ISTQB大中华区首批通过专家级认证,上海均瑜管理咨询有限公司首席咨询师,TMMi主任评估师,测试管理专家;曾在华为,IBM, HP等多家知名公司从事软件测试和管理工作,国内TMMi主要推动者。在HP担任质量总监期间,带领公司质量团队帮助测试中心成功通过TMMi 5级认证,成为国内第一家通过TMMi 5级认证的企业。为交通银行、招商银行,浦发银行,泰康人寿等多家金融企业实施TMMi测试过程改进认证,帮助众多名企测试组织提升测试能力成熟度,不断优化测试价值,质量和效能的平衡,全面提升测试水平。多次在国内测试相关峰会上作为主讲嘉宾分享,并为众多知名企业提供测试管理,质量管理等相关培训。

Liang Ren is the TMMi Foundation China secretary general, the CSTQB expert, obtained ISTQB Expert certificate at the very first batch in China,Chief Consultant of JunYu Consulting Co., Ltd, accredited TMMi Lead assessor, test management expert; He worked for Huawei, IBM, HP etc famous companies in software testing and test management areas, and now he is the main pusher of TMMi practices implementation in China. During his work in HP as Quality Director, he led his team passed the TMMi 5 certificate, which is the first organization in China obtained the TMMi 5 certification. He helped many financial organizations, such as Bank of Communications, China Merchants Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Taikang Insurance Group Inc, etc. to implement TMMi and provide assessment services, in order to help them improve their test maturity levels, optimize their test values, balance their quality and efficiency, achieve the comprehensive improvement of test. He also gives a lot of presentations and keynote speeches at domestic test conferences and summits, provides trainings on test management and quality management to a number of famous domestic companies.