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Xin He

贺炘:领测国际首席软件测试专家,CSTQB资深专家, CSDN软件测评技术专业委员会会长。超过15年的软件测试管理与培训经验,主讲的软件测试系列课程,倡导结合客户实际场景,理论与实践相结合,服务客户上百家。主要研究领域:软件测试体系建设/软件测试的人员管理/自动化测试框架的选择与构建/测试过程管理与控制/测试过程的监控方法与评估/测试体系的优化与改进/缺陷的预防和分析/敏捷测试

Mr. He is Chief Testing Expert of International Leading Software Testing Science and Technology, experienced expert in CSTQB and also a director of Software Testing Technology Special Authority in CSDN.

He has over 15 years’ experience in software testing management and has trained hundreds of customers. He has been contributing to best practice combined with theories and testing relevant to the workplace.

Mr. He has diversified experience in consulting and training on various topics including:

building testing organization and system, test engineers' stimulation and management/building automated testing framework / process management and control / monitoring methods and evaluation in testing process / implementing optimization and improvements in testing organization and system / forecasting and analyzing defect, agile testing, etc.